Summer skincare: Top beauty & wellness products


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Give your beauty routine an upgrade this summer with our pick of the latest wellness-inspired skincare products and supplements.

The flowers are blooming, the days are longer, and the sun is shining: with summer right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to give your beauty and wellness regime a little boost. Pamper yourself this season with our favourite new skincare and beauty products, designed to improve skin elasticity, smooth your complexion, and leave you glowing like the summer sun.

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Arella Vegan Collagen (from £26.37 for a 14-day supply with subscription,

100% plant-based, Arella Vegan Collagen is a liquid supplement with VeCollal®, clinically proven for natural collagen support. Each single-dose sachet is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients – including Panax ginseng, retinol, vegan D3, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C – which help smooth wrinkles, encourage skin cell rejuvenation, improve joint and bone health, and stimulate hair and nail growth.  

Phyte Club CBD Skincare (from £12,

Experience the benefits of CBD with Phyte Club’s innovative skincare line. Known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, CBD is perfect for sensitive skin. From sheet masks to ceramide serums, these products calm irritation, moisturise, and protect against ageing. Embrace the natural benefits of CBD for healthy, radiant skin this summer! 

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efamol evening primrose oil

Efamol High Strength Pure Evening Primrose Oil (£10.49,

This summer try Efamol High Strength Pure Evening Primrose Oil for beautifully smooth and nourished skin at any age. In a skin perception study, 84% said their skin felt smoother and 85% said that their skin felt softer, thanks to our unique Rigel Evening Primrose, which provides 33% more GLA.

Igennus Astaxanthin Complex (£22.99 for 90 softgels,

Research suggests that astaxanthin, derived from algae, offers natural protection against sun damage. This potent antioxidant benefits skin elasticity and moisture, and helps to reduce fine lines. Igennus’ astaxanthin is cultivated in pure Icelandic water, manufactured using renewable geothermal energy and certified vegan. 

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