Travel-friendly health & beauty products: sun care, hydration & more


woman on holidays travelling in car

Packing for your holidays? Don’t forget to pack these travel-friendly health & beauty essentials – from must-have SPFs to rehydration heroes.

Whether you’re spending summer in the UK or you’re planning to travel abroad on your holidays, it’s vital to look after your skin and overall health when spending time in the sun. We’ve rounded up our favourite sustainable and travel-friendly skincare, health & beauty essentials to keep you on top form this summer.

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odylique travel-friendly beauty foundations

Odylique Natural and Cream Foundations (£31)

Bridging the gap between makeup and skincare, Odylique’s two new foundations are designed specifically for sensitive skin. Both formulas are Soil Association-certified organic and 100% natural. The Natural Foundation provides a weightless satin finish, while the Cream Foundation’s rich formula has UV protection SPF25. Fragrance-free, silicone-free and micro-plastic-free. Plus, the travel-friendly size makes them perfect for your on-the-go beauty routine.

wassen hydrate and replenish travel-friendly health and beauty

Wassen Hydrate + Replenish (£11.99 for 14-day supply)

When you get sweaty in the summer sun, it’s not only water you lose: replenish lost minerals with green-apple flavoured Hydrate + Replenish from Wassen. Bursting with benefits, each sachet provides 13 vitamins, minerals, botanicals and electrolytes, including spirulina and green tea extract, magnesium for electrolyte balance, plus vitamins C and D for immune support. The small, travel-friendly sachets are perfect for popping in your carry-on and staying hydrated this summer.

organii spf

ORGANii SPF 50 Sun Milk (£27.95)

ORGANii SPF 50 sun milk is the perfect sun protection for the whole family. This certified organic SPF 50 sun milk is a fragrance free, natural and organic mineral sun protection that is suitable for babies, children and adults, while protecting the most delicate of skin from the harsh rays of the sun. This sun milk blends effortlessly into the skin, and is enriched with natural and organic extracts plus natural mineral filters to protect against UVA and UVB rays.

gaia mini travel essentials

GAIA Skincare Mini Essentials Travel Set (£35)

Featuring GAIA Skincare’s nurturing body range, the Mini Essentials Travel Set includes Body Wash, Body Lotion, Shampoo and Conditioner, all in GAIA’s awakening blend of grapefruit and peppermint, to uplift your senses and prepare you for the day ahead. Presented in a clear, flight-friendly bag, perfect for a weekend trip this summer. Travel-friendly beauty at its best!