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About Psychologies

Meet the Team

Psychologies is the magazine that helps you know more, grow more. Grown up, intelligent and intimate, Psychologies is the only magazine that seeks to enrich your emotional life.

Sally Saunders

Sally is editor of Psychologies Magazine. She spent 10 years in newspapers before becoming passionate about supporting women to improve their physical and mental health at Mother and Baby Magazine, Top Sante and now her dream job, Psychologies. 

Ali Roff Farrar

Ali is wellness director at Psychologies Magazine. She is passionate about combining western sciences of psychology, neuroscience and coaching with the Eastern philosophies of meditation, mindfulness and yoga, to cultivate true wellness of body and mind. She is also a qualified yoga and mindfulness teacher.

Anita Chaudhuri

Anita has worked as a staff editor and feature writer for publications including Time Out, The Guardian’s G2 supplement and The Sunday Times. She is associate editor of Psychologies Magazine and is studying for an MA in photography.

Elizabeth Bennett

Elizabeth acting wellness director on Psychologies Magazine. She is a journalist, writer and consultant covering health, wellness, sustainability, travel and culture.

Katie Piper

Katie is a best-selling international author, inspirational speaker, TV presenter and charity campaigner. She writes an inspiring monthly column in Psychologies Magazine.

Mary Fenwick

Mary writes the main monthly advice column for Psychologies magazine and the new Work in Progress column, and also works as an investigative coach with individuals and teams. She is a mother, divorcée and widow.

About Psychologies

Psychologies’ mission is to provide every woman with inspiration and advice to support her to improve her emotional wellbeing. We aim to help her boost her happiness and resilience and lower her stress and anxiety. We do that by providing simple, achievable steps to make small changes that can add up to a real difference.

Embracing the four pillars of our life, from mind and body to heart and soul, psychologies engages with the world around us as well as the world within to help our audience discover inspiring ways to make every day better and create a life they love.

The four pillars of our life:

MIND – Boost your happiness and ways to overcome problems, looking at psychology, philosophy, confidence, anxiety, stress, therapy and more

HEART – Make the most of all of your loving relationships – with your partner, kids, parents, other family and friends

BODY – Your physical reality: gentle activity (walking, running, swimming, cycling, yoga), sleep, nutrition, natural beauty, meditation and more

SOUL – The things that make your soul sing: creativity; nature; finding your purpose (including your work); travel and spirituality

When you subscribe, you automatically become a member of the ‘Psychologies’ Subscriber Club and receive the following exclusive benefits:

  • Free coaching programs
  • Opportunities to talk the experts
  • Access to our subscriber-only Facebook group
  • Special subscriber only weekly e-newsletter*
  • Discounts on Psychologies products
  • Free delivery to your door in 100% plastic-free packaging

PLUS! You will receive inspiration and advice in every issue to create a life you love.

In This Month’s Issue

As we head into Stress Awareness Month in April, in our dossier we’re thinking about the ways that stress can affect us, and helping you find new ways to cope with it. We’ve also got an interesting take on anxiety, as we consider how listening to that quiet little voice inside you and really tuning into your intuition and inner feelings – even if we might be used to drowning them out as anxieties – can help you uncover what is really important to you, and can even be a superpower!

It was listening to this intuition and inner wisdom that led TV presenter Kate Humble to leave London for the Welsh countryside 14-and-a-half years ago – discover more about her inspiring story and why she believes there’s much more to life than a new pair of shoes.

We’re also learning how to strengthen our boundaries with our loved ones (another possible cause of stress), and finding out why getting involved in your local community could be one of the most fulfilling things you could do right now. Plus we’re inspired to get moving and trying the therapeutic Chakradance, changing the way we think about sleep, discovering the power of colour to boost our mood, and learning how to celebrate our own successes. It’s an issue packed with uplifting ways to make this a great month – enjoy!

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