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secrets from a coach hosts Debbie Green and Laura Thompson

Put time aside for a weekly dose of self-care with Secrets From A Coach – the podcast that prioritises your wellbeing.

Last month, the wellbeing focused Secrets From A Coach podcast – hosted by wellness coach Debbie Green at Wishfish and TEDx speaker Laura Thomson-Staveley at Phenomenal Training – tackled the topic of how to manage feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, offering practical tips and sanity-saving techniques to help you be your best.

Debbie Green, wellness coach and podcast host, says: ‘Our podcast gives listeners a sense of resilience, kindness and optimism. We’re only in the spring and already regularly hearing the words ‘burnt out’ and ‘overwhelmed’. We wanted to shine a light on the struggles many of us are facing daily, and explore how we can protect ourselves and others from experiencing this at work and at home.

‘Too many of us forget to make the most out of our year, and we talk about why it’s so important to stop and think about what we want to achieve. By listening to our podcasts, we want our subscribers to thrive, not just survive.’

How to avoid burnout

Shining a light on burnout and overwhelm, the team explores how you can protect yourself and others from experiencing it. They discuss how to stay mentally well when your workload is high, and how to have proactive conversations around workload.

Special guest coach Alexis Neighbour shares her observations about burnout indicators and measures to overcome them – for example, identifying tasks that are overwhelming, understanding your priorities, and being clear on what’s expected of you in your role.

The art of delegation and how it can significantly help alleviate overwhelm is discussed, too – prioritising our wellbeing and productivity starts with gathering the information that identifies what work may be able to be distributed among others. Being able to delegate less critical tasks to others means you’re able to focus on your priorities.

Lasting a snackable 30 minutes – making it ideal for the commute, a lunch break, or a well-deserved rest for self-care and development – Secrets From A Coach offers practical learning based on current realities. A brand new episode is released every Friday lunchtime, focusing on positive actions to help you thrive and maximise your potential. Don’t miss April’s topic, embracing change and a learning mindset in the workplace, out now.

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Lead image by Chris Lobina