Spring self-care: 5 best beauty & wellbeing buys


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Put a spring in your step this season with our favourite new self-care, beauty, and wellbeing buys – from chocolate face masks to menopause-support supplements.

Warmer weather, longer evenings, and sunnier days are finally upon us. If the arrival of spring has inspired you to give your health and wellbeing a much-needed boost after winter, we’ve rounded up the best new health, beauty, and wellness products to help you upgrade your self-care regime.

inlight chocolate face mask

Inlight Beauty Chocolate Mask (£41, inlightbeauty.co.uk)

100% organic & natural, with gorgeous aromas of chocolate orange, Inlight’s face mask promises a truly indulgent, radiance-giving experience. Intensely nourishing, calming, and pampering, the cacao-rich mask brims with antioxidants and skin-loving flavonoids. Protect, repair, and pamper with this real skin treat. 

wassen energy cognition

Wassen Energy + Cognition (£11.99, wassen.com)

Zing into spring with the tangy orange flavour of Wassen Energy + Cognition. Boost your water with vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, magnesium & vitamin C to reduce fatigue. Zinc and iodine support cognitive function while chromium promotes stable blood glucose levels.

saskia flower essences

Saskia Flower Essences: Focus Energise Create (£12, saskiasfloweressences.com)

If you’re looking for a natural and effective way to boost your creativity and energy levels, or you just need a kick to get things done, Saskia’s award-winning Focus Energise Create flower essence blend is definitely worth trying. Featuring nan’s polyanthus, weld, carrot, buttercup, blackberry, and clematis, we highly recommend this blend for anyone in need of a productivity boost.

Adaptogenic Apothecary Freedom (£40 for one-time purchase, adaptogenicapothecary.com

Made from powerful adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms, Freedom is clinically proven to ease menopausal symptoms including anxiety, insomnia, depression, brain fog, low libido, fatigue, and joint pain whilst supporting metabolic and cardiovascular health. Freedom can be used instead of, or alongside HRT and is for women who no longer have regular cycles. Discounts available on subscription plans.

the better gut supplement

The Better Menopause: The Better Gut (from £51 for one-time purchase, thebettermenopause.com)

The Better Gut is a scientifically supported, award-winning probiotic combining six highly concentrated targeted bacterial strains into a single daily capsule to specifically support the gut health of women navigating perimenopause and beyond – a time when hormone fluctuations disrupt the gut’s delicate balance, leading to many common menopausal symptoms. Ensuring optimal gut function during this time helps to alleviate these common symptoms, helping you to feel like you again. Discounts are available on subscription plans.

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