Rid yourself of stress in 3 steps

Stop, relax, replenish...


Rid yourself of stress in 3 steps

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Take time out of your daily life to incorporate these three simple tips to banishing stress:

Schedule daily space

‘You need to practice nurturing yourself daily to feel its benefits,’ says psychotherapist, Hilda Burke. Schedule it into your calendar as you would other work or health commitments.


It’s become the cultural ‘norm’ to be unmanageably busy. But, if that’s driven by your difficulty in saying ‘no’, or fear of having a blank diary, examine why you feel like this.  

Falling ill when you stop

‘Psychosomatic illnesses are your body’s way of forcing you to pay attention to your health,’ says Burke. If you’re unwell the moment you take a break, slow down. 

These stress-busting ideas were taken from Heidi Scrimgeour’s Take a day off from your life article

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