How can I treat my dark circles?

Holistic facialist Abigail James shares her advice on tackling tricky under-eye rings


How can I treat my dark circles?

There are a number of reasons why you might be suffering with persistent dark circles. They could be hereditary, but they may also arise from a lack of sleep, a poor diet and ill health. The dark colour is usually caused by dilated blood capillaries, which makes them more visible beneath the fine skin under the eyes. These circles can be related to a food intolerance, so it may be worth getting advice from a nutritionist.

The under-eye area is connected to kidney health, and dark rings can indicate an iron deficiency, so consider taking a daily iron supplement along with a vitamin C supplement to help the body absorb the iron.

Here are some extra steps you can take:

  • Water. It’s a cliché, but drinking enough water is vital for flushing out toxins. You can also support the body’s natural detoxifi cation process with supplements such as chlorella.
  • Sleep. Lack of sleep will make the blood capillaries dilate and the dark circles more visible. Encourage good night-time habits, such as turning off all technology by 9pm, drinking camomile tea or a sleep-inducing tea blend, wearing a silk eye mask, and using lavender essence or a sleep spray on your pillow. Plus, always ensure you remove your make-up before bed.
  • Don’t apply eye products at night. They may interfere with the blood flow and slow the process; use them in the morning.
  • Diet. Boost your diet with foods rich in vitamin K – which helps strengthen capillary walls – and green, leafy vegetables, such as broccoli and spinach.
  • Skin routine. Look out for eye products that contain vitamin K, eyebright (a herb to naturally brighten the eye area) and grape seed extract. Try gliding a cold teaspoon over the eye area to restrict blood flow, or use products with a metal rollerball.

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