Five steps for positive fitness

Lee Mullins, founder of The Workshop Gymnasium, reveals how to improve your mobility, no personal trainer required


do some stretching before bed
  1. Massage the soles of your feet using a golf ball or lacrosse ball. This will help to release the fascia restrictions that develop in the feet. Place one foot on top of the ball and slowly massage the sole of the foot by putting weight down onto the ball.
  2. Use a foam roller as a pre- and post-workout tool. It can release tension and tightness in the muscles (and the fascia that surrounds them), improve flexibility and range of movement, and decrease the risk of injury, as well as increase blood flow to provide fresh nutrients and oxygen to help stimulate the recovery process post training. Use on your upper back, bottom, the front and side of the thighs and on the calves.
  3. Do static stretches at night before bed. This will help to calm the body so you get a good night's sleep, and the new flexibility gains will remain as your body is in a relaxed state.
  4. Learn to breathe correctly. Deep diaphragmatic breathing or Buddha belly breathing will help to mobilise the thoracic spine (upper portion of your back) which can help improve your shoulder mobility.
  5. Practise yoga. Yoga has so many benefits and the most obvious one is that improves your whole bodies flexibility and mobility.

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