You can start a podcast even if you don’t like your voice!

Don’t let the sound of your own voice put you off starting a podcast. Lynsay Anne, a Podcast and Business Coach with over 20 years’ experience explains how she believes all voices are good for podcasting and more diversity is needed in podcasts.

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“People don’t care what your voice sounds like”

One of the questions I’m asked often about podcasting is, "Can I start a podcast if I've got a strong accent, or if I don't like my voice?"

My belief is that all voices are good for podcasting. If you don’t like the sound of your voice or your accent and you want to start a podcast, here is my advice for you.

In the nicest possible way, people don’t care what your voice sounds like. They do care however, about the value you give on your show, what you're talking about and what they’ll learn. Not what you sound like.

The truth is, we need more diversity in podcasting. If every podcast was delivered in the same accent, by the same people from the same backgrounds, I'm pretty sure we’d all get bored of listening to them. Focus on your listeners and you’ll be less concerned about how you sound. Promise.

What matters more than your accent and the sound of your voice, is good quality sound. Choose a good quality microphone and practice with it. Get used to speaking into a mic and then listening to your voice afterwards.

You'll probably listen to it with your eyes closed, cringing at first but honestly, you will get used to it.

"Your podcast could be the one time that week your listener feels understood or valued" 

It’s worth it because when you start your podcast, you're going to get your listeners contacting you. They're going to tell you how much value they've got from your podcast. They're going to tell you something that they've changed in their life as a result of the episode that you did. Pretty soon, if you don't realise it now, you're going to find out that it has never been about you.

Depending on the topic of your show, your podcast could be the one time that week that your listener feels understood or valued or that they're not alone. Now that is powerful!

So start the podcast. We never really sound like what we think we sound like anyway. That's a fact.

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Lynsay Anne 

Lynsay Anne is the host of the top-ranking podcast, Podcasting for Business and has helped hundreds of clients & students to launch successful podcasts, many of which reaching to top of the podcast charts. Lynsay helps entrepreneurs and brands to start podcasts to help them grow their businesses and have a bigger impact. Listen here