Five tips for getting a job

Careers coach Corinne Mills offers us some tips for standing out in the job market this new year

by Psychologies

We don’t need to be told how tough the job market is these days. With upwards of 500 applicants for some graduate jobs, experience and qualifications are becoming all the more valuable when building a career. But equally important is making yourself memorable to the employer who has to read all 500 of those applications.

We spoke to careers coach Corinne Mills about how to stand out from other candidates when applying for your dream role, and she gave us these tips:

  1. Ditch the modesty.  You need to talk confidently to recruiters about your relevant skills, achievements and experience if you want to impress them, using specific examples of when you’ve done well. We have a habit of talking ourselves down, but an interview is not the time to do this. Blow that trumpet! Read our tips for talking yourself up.
  2. Upgrade your CV. Tailor it to meet the specific selection criteria for the type of job you are applying for. Using the job description as a checklist of points to include is a great way of doing this.
  3. Use your initiative.  Don’t just wait for adverts.  Show employers how motivated and resourceful you are by contacting them directly to offer your services. Tell them why you want to work for their company specifically.
  4. Be digital-savvy.  Post your CV online on recruitment websites, upload a Linkedin profile with endorsements and create a Twitter account. But beware of putting anything online which you would not want a prospective employer to see. Read our tips for using social media to your advantage when job hunting.
  5. Crank up the networking.  Lots of people hear about their next job through a business or personal contact, so start letting people know that you are looking for a new career challenge so that they can keep their eyes open for you.

Corinne Mills is managing director of career coaching company Personal Career Management . She is the author of ‘You’re Hired! How To Write A Brilliant CV’ (Trotman Publishing, £9.99)

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