The connection between Stress and Qi

We talk to Qi energy healer Master Oh, and ask what is Qi, how stress affects it, and the secret to happiness... plus figure out how stressed you actually are and how to deal with it.


The connection between Stress and Qi

What is Qi and how do you work with it in your energy treatments? Qi is nature’s primary source of energy and the power that creates and supports life, keeping everything in balance and harmony. When we have an abundance of free-flowing Qi, the body can function well, the mind is clear and we feel energised. However, the demands of modern life can be a constant drain on our Qi. This is why so many people today experience fatigue and other symptoms which are difficult to find a cause or cure for. A simple metaphor: like a car, which requires both a battery and fuel to run, human beings need both invisible Qi (the battery) as well as sufficient energy from food, water and air (the fuel) to sustain our lives, and one cannot replace the other. Qi is the very source and foundation of physical, mental, spiritual and environmental health. When I give an energy treatment I am opening up the whole energy system enabling all the blockages to be released and the Qi that exists within the body to flow freely. I also recharge the body with new Qi by transmitting more Qi  to the body using accupressure and sound. This then enables the body to recharge. 

What are the different energy systems? There is only one energy systems that supports all systems of the body; your circulatory system, endocrine system, reproductive system, bones muscles etc. For this energy system to work properly you need an abundant and free flow of Qi circulating around the body. This enables you to be healthy and happy.

What is the ultimate goal of working with this energy?  
This energy has a unique vibration which is essentially your true essence. When you truly connect with this energy you are able to open your heart and are filled with gratitude love and compassion for others. My mission with this energy, is to help people increase their capacity to give love and care to others. Once people regain their own health and happiness,giving love, care and compassion to others comes naturally. This is how we heal the world. Touching one heart will help many. All humans are connected, We are all one 

What are the most common energy blockages in people today?  
The most common energy blockages come from people’s emotions and stress, People have no idea the impact their emotions have on their energy system. When we are calm, positive and happy we are in the best place to support the natural flow of Qi around the body. When we are stressed negative and emotional we are immediately creating blockages in the energy system and draining our Qi.

What happens to our Qi or energy after the energy healing treatment? After an energy treatment the energy system is free from toxins and the flow of Qi around the body is corrected and balanced. The level of Qi in the body also increases after an energy treatment.

What is the key to happiness in your opinion? Gratitude. If you want to be happy start by practising gratitude. Gratitude has the highest vibration of all emotions and the more gratitude we practise in our life, the more happiness we will experience. I always ask my clients to begin and end their day with gratitude. We can even find gratitude in challenging situations, What did we learn, what did this experience teach us. When we are truly grateful for every experience life gives us, we can be truly happy. 

Feeling stressed? Master Oh has created a Stress Out Test to help us find solutions. Take the test here.

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