How extroverts can help introverts this Christmas

So, your partner's an introvert and you're not. Here's how you can make the festive season a bit easier for them

by Psychologies

  1. Don’t take it personally. If your friend or partner needs some space, try not to make them feel guilty about it. If you really want to see them but they keep pulling away from you, it might be worth changing the setting to somewhere quieter with more time for one-on-one conversation.
  2. Equally, don’t assume they won’t want to come to a party at all (they just might prefer to leave before you).
  3. Give them some space. 'Introverts don’t like being interrupted,’ explains psychologist Dr Laurie Helgoe, author of Introvert Power (Sourcebooks, £9.99). Who does? But they may need a little more time to really think about what you’ve said and how to respond. And, usually, the response will be worth the wait.

Photograph: iStock

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