How to deal with the inside-out experience

What if our experience is simply a projection of our own thoughts?

by Psychologies


Do you ever feel like the world is scheming against you?

Life coach and author Michael Neill believes that in general, our experience of life is determined by what happens to us in the external world (such as dealing with delayed trains or angry bosses, for example).

But what if our experience is simply a projection of our own thoughts? Next time you feel frustrated, try to remind yourself you are only feeling your thoughts at that moment in time, and therefore it’s not a real projection of the world.

Neill says that once we realise the reason we’re feeling frustrated or sad isn’t caused by the outside world but by what we’re thinking at that time, we won’t feel compelled to try to take on the often-impossible task of changing the world in order to change the way we feel.

He explains: ‘Once you realise it’s only your own thinking you’re experiencing, that thinking loses much of its hold over you.’

Keep your mind clear, and be mindful that our reality is created from the inside-out.

For more inspiration, read The Inside-Out Revolution: The Only Thing You Need To Know To Change Your Life Forever by Michael Neill, which is published by Hay House, and costs £10.99