How to cope with success

You don't have to be a celebrity - anyone successful can be affected by that success. Here are some coping strategies

by Psychologies

cope with success
  1. Remind yourself that envy is a normal human feeling, and that your success is bound to inspire negativity in some people, even those who are pleased for you. That doesn't mean you have to play down your achievements, but do pay attention to how you interact with the people around you.
  2. Resist the urge to isolate yourself. Instead make it a priority to continue your routine with your friends as you always have, as much as possible. But don't be drawn into being the centre of attention due to your change in status, rather work hard to focus on everyone equally.
  3. Examine your attitude towards your success. List any feelings, pressures, or negative thoughts you have had. Then visualise yourself feeling safe and protected, having good things come your way. It might help to talk to your partner, friend, or a therapist about any persistent negative feelings.
  4. Think about who you are in the context of your sphere of success. Are you playing a role? If so, how does that part of you differ from the person you feel you are inside? If there is an uncomfortable gap, find ways to bridge it, such as safely allowing a little of your true self out into your workplace.

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