Health Coach Training: Start Your New Career in 2024

Train to become a health coach and join this fast-growing profession at the heart of helping people to live life well.


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Are you interested in a career in the health and wellness profession? Would you like to make a real and lasting difference to people’s health? Are you ready for a new career that is more fulfilling?  Would you like to improve your own health and transform the health of the people around you who matter to you?

Then consider a career as a professional health coach with The Health Coaches Academy and join one of the fastest-growing professions to emerge in the last decade.

HCA Graduate Candace: “I loved the course and transformed my own health and vitality too; when I graduated I had 13 clients already and now I also run 12-Week Group Coaching Programme Empowering Mums called ‘The Power of Now’. I would highly recommend this course.”

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What is a health coach?

It can be hard to make changes to your health and stick to them.  Health coaches work closely with clients to become the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves so they can transform their health and live life well.

As a health coach, you will work with clients to find the right nutrition plan and dietary approach for them and support them in creating a new set of healthy lifestyle habits underpinned by a powerful vision for health.

Why the world needs more health coaches

With today’s spiralling worldwide health statistics, health coaches are needed now more than ever. Health coaching is a behavioural change process and a powerful way for people to take control of their health and transform the quality of their lives.

Transform your health and the health of those around you

On our ‘Personal, People, Practice’ model that students will follow as part of their training, you will focus first on your own health and the health of those who matter to you, in preparation for professional practice.

The Health Coaches Academy joint CEOs, Ann Garry and Carolyn St John Loder

The Health Coaches Academy

The UK Health Coaching Specialists

If working as a Health Coach appeals to you, consider joining our fully accredited Level 5 Health Coaching Diploma Course and work with the team that has been health coaching in the UK since 2003. 

In just 12 months, you could be practising in this expanding profession and making a real difference in the world. You will be led by a top team of Health Coaches and Nutrition Experts with full support, receive a world-class education, and have a life-changing immersive student experience.   

How to join our next health coach training course:

The next 12-month Diploma course starts on 29 January 2024.

To find out more, visit, where you can book a 1:1 call or join a free event.

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