Broad Beans with Garlic, Dill & Eggs (Baghala Ghatogh)

Chef, cookery teacher and writer Sabrina Ghayour offers her recipe for a tasty Persian dish


Broad Beans with Garlic, Dill & Eggs (Baghala Ghatogh)

‘I can understand that the way we eat in the Middle East can be overwhelming for some. We do like to fill the table with a myriad of dishes both hot and cold, with an abundance of colour, variety and both meat and vegetables. Of course, not every day has to be a feast.’

So says Sabrina Ghayour in her introduction to her enticing new cookbook, Persiana: Recipes From The Middle East & Beyond (Octopus, £25). She offers plenty of simple, uncomplicated dishes such as this, our pick for an easy but fragrant, nourishing mid-week recipe. But we have to disagree with Ghayour – you may only have one dish on the table at the end of this, but it will still be a feast.

‘This dish hails from the northern provinces of Iran,’ says Ghayour. ‘The first time I had this dish as a youngster, it blew my mind. I had never tried anything quite like it; fiercely garlicky and ridiculously tasty, it is not a very mainstream Persian dish, which explains why it was so alien to me at the time. Now when I make it, I sometimes stir the mixture into cooked white rice, as I find this the most satisfying rice dish you could ever want to eat.’

Serves: 4 as a mezze plate or two as a main with rice


olive oil

1 garlic bulb, cloves bashed and thinly sliced

1kg (2lb 4oz) podded fresh or frozen broad beans, skins removed

3 tsp turmeric

a generous tsp crushed sea salt

freshly ground black pepper

3 x 20g packets of dill, stalks and leaves finely chopped

knob of butter (about 25g/1oz)

4 large free-range eggs

Photograph: Liz and Max Haarala Hamilton