6 tips for cleaning your home at Christmas

Feeling overwhelmed by the Christmas preparation? Read Lynsey Queen of Clean's top tips for cleaning for Christmas guests...

by Psychologies

With extra guests over the Christmas period it is important for your guests to feel welcome and , but also maintain some form of order in our homes and our heads...

  1. Make yourself a to do list and involve the rest of your family too
  2. Leaving a basket by the front door will encourage guests to take their shoes off and save guests trips over a hallway full of shoes
  3. Always have spare loo roll in the toilet and add a few drops of essential oil onto the cardboard tube to keep the bathroom smelling clean and fresh
  4. Keep clutter at bay, put away special ornaments that could be broken and keep surfaces as clear as you can giving you extra space for gifts.
  5. Make up a few of your own cleaning products using festive scents such as cinnamon and oranges.
  6. Give your home a good air everyday through open those windows and let the fresh air in.

Lynsey Crombie, aka UK based 'cleanfluencer' Lynsey Queen of Clean, is publishing a Christmas edition of her bestselling book, How To Clean Your House, (Harper Collins, £12.99).