More self-nourishment, less self-sabotage

In order to stop getting in our own way, integrative psychotherapist and counsellor Kathy Osborne says we should aim to balance our nervous system, introducing activities that have a regulatory effect. Try these…

by Psychologies

Try our top tips...

  1. Commit to a self-care plan that includes psychotherapy and counselling. Change (even for the best) is not only difficult but can be quite unsettling. ‘Even asking for the support and expertise of an experienced practitioner is an act of great self-love and self-respect,’ Osborne says.
  2. Yoga and mindfulness are well-known for their soothing effects, but any activity or physical hobby you enjoy would be good.
  3. Getting out into nature has a self-regulatory effect. Walk, breathe, sit, muse.
  4. Be mindful with yourself – notice where and what gives you a feeling of space; where you can think clearly, breathe freely and have a sense of balance. Try to bring more of that into your life.
  5. Above all, be compassionate with yourself. You adopted these ways of being to protect yourself in the first instance, so be understanding when you slip up.

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