How to overcome your fear for good

It is our thoughts that create our perception of reality. So how do we unplug from fearful thoughts?

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overcome your fear

‘The prevailing model is that our experience of life is created from the outside in and what happens to us on the outside determines our experience on the inside,’ says Michael Neill, world renowned coach and author of The Inside-Out Revolution: The Only Thing You Need To Know To Change Your Life Forever.

Neill, however, teaches that it is our thoughts that create our perception of reality.

He gives the example of working on a TV show where he was helping people overcome a spider phobia. ‘We wired the contestants up to measure their fear response but when I showed them a clear, plastic box – with no spiders – their fear response went off the chart. They were not responding to spiders but the thought of spiders,’ he explains.

So how do we unplug from our fearful thoughts?

‘Listen to that deeper wisdom that we all have access to that’s beyond intellect,’ says Neill. How? ‘Allow yourself to just fall into a meditative state. When you recognise meditation as your natural state, there’s nothing you need to do attain it. For now, just try slowing down. Allow your thoughts to settle and you’ll once again feel the flow of the deeper river of life beyond thought, intellect – and fear.’

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