How to live a passionate life

Coach and researcher, Susanna Halonen shares her advice on how to unlock the passion in our lives

by Suzy Walker

unlock your passion

My passion is passion. I’ve just finished writing my book about it: Screw Finding Your Passion: It’s Within You, Let’s Unlock It. I believe you don’t go and ‘find your passion’, I believe you live it. As Jane* described to me in her interview in the book, 'Passion feels like it ought to be something that runs through you, and through your life, and it’s integral to your identity'. Jane saw passion as something which was inseparable from her. It’s about choosing passion as a way of being versus something you do. How do you choose passion? There are five key elements which unlock the positive passion energy within you: 

  1. Find the courage to be your authentic self. Ask yourself: Am I using my values to make decisions which are aligned with my authentic self
  2. Understand the purpose behind the activities in your life because creating a meaningful connection to what you do ignites that passion energy across different activities. Ask: Why do I do what I do? What is the kind of  impact I’m looking to create
  3. Master the art of learning. Use your desire to be your best possible self to bring out your most passionate self. Challenge yourself with the question: What am I doing daily to make sure I learn something new everyday?
  4. Connect with your tribe which is made up of the people who fuel your self-belief, motivation and fire when you need it the most. Think about how you connect with your tribe right now: Am I spending enough time with people who energise me, motivate me and encourage me to go after what I want?
  5. Embrace your natural abilities and use them in new unique ways to bring excitement into your days. Embrace your strengths by reflecting on them: Which of my natural abilities do I enjoy using the most? How could I use them in different ways to help me deliver on my purpose?

Learning to use these five keys creates a self-sustaining passion spiral in your life and throughout your activities. The more you learn to unlock your passion, the more natural it becomes to you, and the more your passion starts to reinforce itself throughout your life. This type of all-encompassing passion leads to a happiness that is filled with both joy and meaning, as well as a sense of energy and freedom. This is your opportunity to choose to live a more fulfilling life that isn't about pursuing the one thing you love, but about finding love in what you do. 

Screw Finding Your Passion: It’s Within You, Let’s Unlock It by Susanna Halonen is available now. The book explains what passion is, why it is important and how you can start unlocking your positive passion energy right away. The exercises in each of the five passion keys give you the tools you need to become more aware of your inner passion and help you to create an action plan so you can start living your best, most passionate life today.

Susanna Halonen, is a coach, trainer and speaker who helps individuals and organisations to find their best performance through passion and positivity. Her research has focused on passion at work and in life, and she has personally taken many passion journeys herself while juggling a career alongside her love for horses.