Who is your inner child?


Test: Who is your inner child?

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Your inner child is spontaneous

Your inner child acts in a spontaneous way. You know how to express your emotions and you like to be able to share them with others who are on your level - share laughter, play the fool, or share in a sense of excitement. You don't like to take yourself too seriously and you are happy to let most things take their course. And even though you often really get into the things you do, you also tend to flit from one thing to the next fairly regularly. You act on impulse, following your needs and wants of the moment to capitalise on your enthusiasm and momentum. Your inner child is like a little firecracker, going off this way and that, always wanting to be in on any adventure that there is going. But if you let it express itself within a stable environment and give it constructive guidance then it could become very useful to you. On the other hand, if you let it just do its own thing you risk ending up as the boy/girl who wouldn't grow up!

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