How to be lucky

The latest research suggests that we are far from being victims of random chance. In fact, we have far more control over our own good fortune than we realise

by Anita Chaudhuri

how to be lucky

Here are our seven tips and tricks to being more lucky:


  1. Introduce random chances into your life – for example, when you go to a party decide to talk to all the people wearing the colour red, or make a list of new things you’d like to try, number from one to six and throw a dice to decide which one you’re going to do this weekend. Being open to new people and situations maximises your changes of catching a lucky break. 
  2. Meditate. Research has shown that lucky people are 20 per cent more likely to practise meditation regularly. 
  3. Smile more – on average, lucky people smile twice as much as those who feel they are unlucky. 
  4. Practise relaxed, open body language. Don’t fold your arms across your body or hunch your shoulders. Video experiments show that lucky people display three times as many ‘open’ body language cues than other people. 
  5. Talk to strangers. Whether you’re in the supermarket queue or on a long flight, talking to strangers boosts your chances of attracting a new opportunity. When self-described lucky individuals recounted their lucky breaks, many of them cited a lucky chance encounter as being pivotal. 
  6. Maintain your social networks. Make an effort to get back in touch with someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Research shows that lucky people tend to be in regular contact with a wide social network. 
  7. Don’t get fixated on one goal – for example, only thinking about meeting Mr Right when you’re socialising, when you might miss the conversation that leads to a new job. Wiseman illustrated this point in an experiment where both lucky and unlucky people were asked to look count the photos in a newspaper. The lucky ones took a fraction of the time to do this. Why? Because Page 2 contained the message ‘Stop counting – there are 43 photographs in this newspaper.’ Most people who described themselves as unlucky completely missed it! 

Good luck!

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