How to make happy memories

Described as ‘the world’s happiest man’, researcher Meik Wiking tells us how to capture positive moments and hold onto them

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happy memories

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Try ‘tantric travel’

In this impatient era of instant gratification, make events more memorable by delaying your arrival. If you hike for five hours to reach a peak, it makes the experience greater than if you take the 15-minute cable car. For some trips, it makes sense to take a train instead of a plane. You’ll get there more slowly, but you may have a more enjoyable journey. Trains – the tantra of travel.

Create a private social media account

For when you want to stroll down memory lane – a museum for memories of the everyday. You may find it liberating to snap and post photos for your eyes only – no need to worry about filter, lighting or caption. Instead of being the curator of how others see you, be the curator of what you want to see looking back. When you walk down memory lane, what would give you pleasure to look at?

Pay attention

What brings you happiness? Think about your senses. What sounds, sights, smells, tactile comforts and tastes bring you joy? The smell of freshly ground coffee? Rain on your skin? The sound of a loved one laughing? The view of your favourite place? Write these down and use as a catalogue of inspiration for a quiet weekend.

The Art Of Making Memories’ by Meik Wiking (Penguin, £9.99)

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