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Editorial + Production

Editor - Suzy Greaves

Managing Editor – Danielle Woodward

Associate Editor - Anita Chaudhuri

Associate Editor - Elizabeth Heathcote

Please send feature ideas to Lizzie. Write a brief pitch (one par is usually adequate) outlining your idea, and if you have not written us before, a brief outline of your previous work. We do not have time to read unsolicited features and cannot reply to these.  

Dossier and Books Editor - Ali Roff

Health + Wellness Director - Eminé Rushton

Editorial Assistant, editing The Fix - Ellen Tout

Ellen also edits our letters pages. If you have feedback or felt inspired by a feature then please let us know. Email and we might print your letter!

Digital Editor - Katherine Weir 

Acting Art Director - Lynne Lanning

Picture Editor - Laura Doherty

Chief Sub/Production Editor - Vanessa Sey

Publishing Director - Vicky Ophield



Commercial director - Nikki Peterson

(01342 824051)



Brand marketing manager - Rebecca Gibson

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