Win: retreat to a renewing Sea Change event

Sea Change founder, Ann James, writes about the joy of cancellation, and gives you a chance to win your place at her upcoming event

by Psychologies

There were some pretty good TV ads again this Christmas. Amidst all the festive Paddingtons, smiley-faced brown boxes and monsters under the bed, my favourite was a simple affair: a couple about to go out the front door, when a call comes cancelling the dinner party. Oh, joy! The silent hopping with delight, stripping off coats and scarves, whilst relaying regretful sounds into the phone.

Do you love it when that happens?

As I write this, I have re-claimed a Monday, plans having been cancelled at the last minute. It feels like a slightly naughty gift, one to keep to myself, tucked behind closed doors. I plan to take the day at a leisurely pace, deep-diving into my own world, indulging in some time to draw breath.

When did you last get the chance to do that?

Here’s your chance to do it for a whole weekend! Cancel everything; claim YOUR time back for YOU; take a deep-dive into Sea Change.

Enter your details below for the chance to win your place at one of the three Sea Change events scheduled for 2018 on the revitalising Suffolk coast. Enter by midnight on 15 February.

How’s that for a compelling ad? And not a monster in sight.


Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th March 2018

Tuesday 22nd - Thursday 24th May 2018

Friday 5th - Sunday 7th October 2018


The Brudenell Hotel, Aldeburgh, Suffolk.

For more information about Sea Change, click here.

By entering, you'll also sign up for updates from Sea Change.

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