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by Psychologies

We've chosen a few of the beautiful pages in City Farmhouse Style: Designs For A Modern Country Life by Kim Leggett (Abrams, £25) to give you inspiration for creating beautiful farmhouse-inspired rooms, whether you live in a cottage in the country or an urban apartment.

Author Kim Leggett describes the beauty of farmhouse style in being that 'it recognises no boundaries; it embraces an eclectic mix of periods and aesthetics, combining the traditional farmhouse of decades ago with modern trends of today.'

In her book, Leggett talks about her childhood, growing up in a small town in Tennessee and how her family repurposed old worn-out pieces as it was resourceful but also, 'it was about originality and comfort and creating something that comes from the soul and the hands'.

The book shows how homeowners have interpreted the style in their own lives and offers plenty of inspiration and advice for creating your own comfy and functional retreat, whether you live in a tiny cottage, an urban apartment, a suburban house or a new-build – farmhouse style is so versatile because its premise is to create a welcoming home that makes you want to linger. Start with that goal and you won't go wrong.


We have 3 copies to give away; click the button below to enter your details by 22 January 2018 and be in with a chance of winning.

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