Using mindfulness to find your voice, boundaries and your true self

In partnership with NOW Live Events, we’re offering a life-changing workshop in London next month – singer Will Young will help us find our voice and true self

by Psychologies

Will Young

According to Will Young, the use of our voice is much more than a physical act – the voice is also a direct way to express our identity and our true self while reclaiming our boundaries.

Mindfulness became a part of Will’s life back in 2009. Work – his passion and job – started to become anything but enjoyable. He turned into a perfectionist and constantly wanted more and more – while nothing was ever enough. Then there was a lightbulb moment, and the route back to happiness began with the simpleact of noticing.

Join Will for an interactive and personal exploration of his journey into mindfulness and finding his voice, why this matters and how it’s linked to creativity.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Will’s own mindfulness techniques for finding your true self
  • Voice techniques through tai chi and grounding exercises
  • How to gently engage with your inner voice, logging thoughts that arise and learning ‘catch and release’ – a way to master your thoughts

Date: 3 February 2016

Venue: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1 4RL. See map

Time: 7pm-8.30pm

Cost: £18

To book tickets, visit nowliveevents.org/tickets

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