Three of the best herbal teas

Brew your way to a happier mind and body with these potent whole tea blends

by Eminé Rushton

try a soothing and calming herbal tea

‘A cup of herbal tea with ingredients to help soothe and calm your body at least 1-2 hours before you go to sleep will also help prepare your body for the night,’ says Pukka herbsmith Sebastian Pole. Pukka Night Time Tea, £2.39, contains oat flower to help calm and nourish, lavender to aid relaxation and lime flower which helps to settle the mind.'

De Mamiel Beauty Tisane, £18/15g, contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant-rich rose, linden blossom, jasmine and echinacea flowers, which also help tackle water retention.

TeaTonics Mind-Awakening Yerba Mate Blend, £5.50/14 teabags, (including P&P) includes the finest grade whole leaves and flowers of yerba mate, rosehip and grapefruit, for a blend that gets the body ready for a new day – minus the caffeine.

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Photograph: Christine Schneider/Corbis

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