Street Wisdom’s World Wide Wander

On September 14 to 16 2018 we are inviting the world to hit the pause button and wander. To let people step out of the noise, see the world differently, and turn those busy urban streets into a source of inspiration, using the technology of Street Wisdom: powerful, simple and free

by Psychologies

The world is an increasingly confusing, fragmented and sometimes worrying place, running 24/7 at breakneck speed. We don’t know where we are going but we are hurrying there as fast as possible.

In 2017 Street Wisdom ran its inaugural World Wide Wander in partnership with Psychologies, bringing inspiration and wisdom to people all over the world. In three days we ran 36 events led by volunteer facilitators in 12 countries over the world. All teaching people how to use their immediate environment to find clarity and the answers to their life questions. The modern urban route to mindfulness.

Founded by best-selling author, speaker and business innovator David Pearl, Street Wisdom is a social enterprise that has become a global phenomenon bringing people life-changing results. David is creative confidante to high profile CEOs and their teams, helping them perform to new levels. His work has appeared in media such as the BBC, The Guardian and The Times.

World Wide Wander 2017 was a hugely successful weekend of mindfulness and magic – this year we want to go even bigger and bolder. We want to join up the points of light across the globe, wave at each other and help people realise that we are not alone. There are lots of folk out there, just like us.

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How does Street Wisdom work?

In essence Street Wisdom runs WalkShops – yes, you got it, walking workshops. It uses a mix of mindfulness, cognitive science and psychology to help people gain clarity and inspiration from their every-day surroundings. It’s a three-hour guided session where you will learn the techniques to build Street Wisdom into your daily life giving you the ability to find answers to important life and work questions whenever you need it. At the centre of Street Wisdom lies the idea that every moment is extraordinary and every street is full of inspiration. We just need to learn how to access that.

Why should I take part?

Not only does Street Wisdom help people re-boot their minds, it is an opportunity to meet like-minded, curious folk. You will have fun experiencing an unusual, memorable yet enjoyable adventure. It’s free, so no money needs to change hands, plus you get to be part of a global social movement that is breaking down global divides and strengthening cities across the world.

How can I get involved?

There are five ways:

  1. Run Your Own Event – we provide all the tools you will need and it’s a great chance to get your community together.
  2. Join In – sign up to an event near you. You can find all events on our website.
  3. Download our Free Wandercast Audio Guide – so you can have an experience even if you can’t get to an event.
  4. Share the Love - Upload a picture of your experience using #WorldWideWander or to our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
  5. Partner with Us - provide an event for your organisation. Contact Rachel.crowther@streetwisdom.org for details.

For more info visit streetwisdom.org.

Street Wisdom - World Wide Wander 2017