R.E.D: Run, walk or skip every day in January

In January the Psychologies team, along with our readers, will be joining the R.E.D Run Every Day campaign for MIND

by Psychologies

If you're a reader who wants to join the Psychologies R.E.D team, all you have to do to get involved is 'Run Every Day' and direct your sponsors to our JustGiving page here. And don't forget to tweet us or tag us on Instagram or Facebook with your photos and progress.

Working in association with global mental health charity Mind, R.E.D aims to raise awareness of mental health problems, such as depression, by promoting the positive impact that exercise can have on happiness and wellbeing.

What is R.E.D?

R.E.D stands for Run Every Day. It kicks off in January with a ‘virtual run’ on the R.E.D Facebook page, followed by a month-long challenge to run, walk, skip (whatever you fancy) each day, every day.

Why R.E.D?

The main aim is to raise awareness of mental health issues by promoting the positive impact that exercise can have on your mind and wellbeing. The movement’s mantra for January is ‘don’t feel blue, get R.E.D’.  

All sponsorship money raised from the challenge will go to the mental health charity Mind.

R.E.D’s founder, 32-year-old Hannah Beecham, was inspired to start the movement after helping her Mum combat depression through physical exercise. ‘Witnessing the life-changing effect that a physical challenge can have on someone suffering from depression, inspired me to start a social movement that promotes mental wellbeing through exercise,’ she says.

Why January?

People are typically penny pinching in January, but R.E.D is free to take part in. With cold weather and dark days, R.E.D provides a focus to help get people through January in a positive and healthy way, encouraging good habits for the rest of the year.

Who is R.E.D for?

You don’t need to be athletic, you don’t even need to train your body to achieve a certain level of strength, agility or distance. The aim is to just move your body every day, whilst raising awareness for the millions of people who suffer from depression and similar mental health problems.

Mind and R.E.D

Karen Bolton, community and events manager at Mind, said: ‘We are truly grateful to Hannah for her incredible dedication - both in raising vital funds for Mind, but also for her work in raising awareness about mental health through creating R.E.D. January. We know from our work that regular exercise is not just good for our bodies, there’s good evidence that being active improves our mental wellbeing too.

R.E.D. January and the community around it is not only helping to break down the stigma around mental health, it will also be raising money which will fund Mind’s vital work including the Mind Infoline, our advice services and the campaigning Mind does to secure a better deal for the one in four of us who experience a mental health problem every year.’

New Year and beyond…

On 1 January 2017, new health and fitness movement R.E.D will celebrate the New Year with a ‘virtual run’ hosted on their Facebook page.

The January challenge is just the beginning. R.E.D’s mission statement is to promote the positive power of physical activity for both body and mind all year round.

Remember to share your photos and support with us. There’s no obligation to fundraise, but if you’d like to then please direct people here. It’s the taking part that truly counts!

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