Q&A Dame Kelly Holmes at Health and Wellbeing Live

We chat to Dame Kelly Holmes about health and mental wellbeing and you can meet her too at the Health and Wellbeing Live event on 22 and 23 September 2017 in Kent. Read on to find out more…

by Psychologies

Health and Wellbeing Live is a brand new two-day event, on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd September at The Secret Manor, Mabledon, Tunbridge Wells in Kent, giving individuals and families a place to discover more about physical and mental health and wellbeing to help make positive changes to your life.

For more information or to book tickets visit healthandwellbeinglive.co.uk.

Dame Kelly Holmes will be speaking about motivation, health and mental wellbeing at 11am on Saturday 23rd September. We talk to her here about mental health and how she looks after her mental wellbeing while coping with the pressures of life.

Why have you chosen now to speak out about mental health, and how have your own experiences affected this? I made a choice to speak about mental health and illness from 2005 after I had opened up about my own problems during my athletics career, of depression and self-harm.

How can we lift the stigma about mental health, in your opinion? Talking about it and normalising the subject. Ensuring the awareness it now has in society and corporate environments is maintained, but can also be seen as important as conversations around physical disabilities.

How do you look after your own mental wellbeing? I have recognised my issues. I also know after a recent bereavement that I can separate depression with complete heartbreak. To cope with certain situations I have to ensure that those closest to me are aware of my feelings and my need to have comfort and support through tough times.

Does the pressure to succeed affect you? It causes burnout. I deal with it by cutting down on extra pressures that I don't need to take on and being able to say no for once!

What tips and techniques would you recommend to anyone who is struggling? Surround yourself with positive people. Ask for help. Don't rush but ensure you know that you will get through it. Cry as much as you need to!

Do you practice mindfulness, meditation or any similar techniques? I use reflection and process. Look at where I am, how I feel, what I need to do and action.

What role does physical fitness play for you in your mental health? It's very important. The release of adrenaline and head space when I run or cycle is one of the best times to get perspective and expend positive energy. It can be hard to motivate yourself when you are low, but I am a big advocate of ensuring I keep myself active as that's my happy space.

Why have you chosen to speak at Health and Wellbeing Live? I am excited to support a local event and with my interest in health, wellbeing, fitness and positive lifestyles, this was a great fit. I think it will be an amazing event and I am very much looking forward to being part of it.

Health and Wellbeing Live will host speakers, workshops and exhibitors from across the spectrum of mental and physical health and wellbeing, all in one place. With no other event like this for local people to Tunbridge Wells, it will be an experience for individuals and families to discover more about physical and mental health and wellbeing, to help make positive changes. 

Highlights of the show include: 

  • Local health and wellbeing experts such as psychotherapist Mary White, nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville and consultant rheumatologist Dr Pamela Leventis who will be discussing issues including, stress, anxiety, weight loss, osteoporosis, cancer treatments and much more 
  • Therapeutic spa treatments such as foot reflexology or facial acupuncture 
  • Nutritious and healthy cookery demonstrations from vegan desserts to Mediterranean and South Asian cuisine 
  • Fitness classes, including pilates, yoga and zen techniques 
  • Free ‘Health MOT’ with Nuffield Health
  • Parent and child mindfulness, foraging and bushcraft

Tickets cost £15 for adults, children go free. For more information and to book tickets visit www.healthandwellbeinglive.co.uk