Mindful Living Show Manchester

We will be bringing more mindfulness and meditation to the North, with a new Mindful Living Show launching on 2nd-3rd February 2018

by Psychologies

The event give you the opportunity to join others in learning and immersing yourself in mindfulness and new ideas around mental health and wellbeing – all delivered in a fun, relaxing and practical way. 

The all-inclusive ticket price, from £25pp, includes free access to our comfortable conference rooms with a unique programme led by over 60 experts including Ed HalliwellJames Baraz (live from Spirit Rock), Vidyamala Burch (founder of Breathworks), Richard Burnett (Director of Mindfulness in Schools Project), Annabelle Apsion (actress and founder of The Rosen Method), Markus Greenwood (Mind in Salford), Tim Duerden(University of Salford; Director of Integrated Mindfulness), plus many more. 

The event also offers an exclusive screening of the new Thich Naht Hanh movie ‘Walk With Me’ for all Friday visitors, plus a variety of creative and physical arts and meditative practices and a range of relaxing, uplifting products and services.

To find out more visit our website or watch our video.

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Mindful Living Show 2018

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