The Love Challenge: A smarter approach to finding love

Discover the smarter, deeper, more authentic approach to finding love in this live web event with bestselling author John Williams and Psychologies' Editor-in-Chief Suzy Walker

by Psychologies

The Love Challenge

If you're single, you might have noticed that the current dating climate seems rather superficial; it's easier than ever if you want a 'hook-up', but if you want a relationship that lasts more than one night it seems to have got harder.

And when it sometimes can seem that everyone is presenting an airbrushed version of themselves online (and sometimes offline too), many Psychologies readers tell me they are searching for something deeper, something more authentic.

That's why I'm so excited that I'm getting together with author and entrepreneur John Williams for a free web event next week about John's 'Love Challenge'. John revolutionised the way people think about work with his bestselling books Screw Work, Let's Play and Screw Work, Break Free. Now he's bringing the same refreshing authenticity, depth and sense of fun to the world of dating and relationships.

John has spent the last 20 years immersed in the world of therapy, creativity and innovation and since the beginning of this year he's been on a quest to crack the challenge to finding love. He's met with the UK's greatest experts on flirting, dating and relationships and put together everything he's learned into a smarter, deeper, more authentic approach to finding love. Psychologies has been working with John to document his journey in the magazine and in an upcoming Psychologies podcast and what he's doing is fascinating.

So if you're keen to discover a new approach to finding love, you have a unique chance to find out all about it directly from John in our FREE web event on Thursday, October 18.

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