Let’s fix our finances together

Join us online this month for a life-changing webinar and some free coaching from our editor Suzy Greaves as well as psychotherapist Kate Levinson

Discovering your deeper feelings about money will not only help you make better financial decisions and life choices, it will also teach you much about yourself. Log on to our free, live, one-hour webinar and explore your past and present relationship with money, finding inspiration and energy to deal more successfully with your finances. Author of Emotional Currency (Celestial Arts, £13.99) Kate Levinson will be joining us to coach us to a healthier emotional relationship with money.

Listen to the webinar below:


• Do you pretend to have more than you actually have or hide your wealth from others?

• Do you think about money matters more – or less – than you would like?

• Do you spend money you don’t have or have trouble spending the money you do have?

• Do you have a hard time buying things for yourself?

• Do you fight with others about money?

• Are you envious of what others appear to have?

• Do money worries keep you awake at night?

 Log on to  20 June, at 8pm