LDN Talks @ Night: Body Language of Love & Attraction

You may be listening to what people are saying, but are you watching them closely enough? What does it mean when someone flicks their hair, touches their face or crosses their legs while they’re talking to you? Dr Peter Collett provides the answers to these and other tantalising questions about the role of body language in courtship, love and attraction

by Psychologies

Drawing on TV programmes that he’s presented, he examines various postures, gestures, eye movements and facial expressions that form the basis of flirtation, showing how you can become more effective at reading other people and more aware of the signals that you’re sending.

Funzing is all about challenging the usual ways to spend your free time. LDN Thinks @ Night aims to stimulate, inspire and provoke different way of thinking.

We’re inviting London to delve into an evening of Wisdom, Insight, Opinions, Theories, Debate, Philosophies, Scientific advancements and Arts. Expand your mind.

Please arrive in time. Doors open 7pm and talk will begin 7.30pm sharp. Tickets cost £10.

Experience includes:

  • Fascinating lecture 
  • High profile speaker
  • Trendy venue 
  • Unique after-work event

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Dr Peter Collett is the author of The Book of Tells: How to Read People’s Minds from Their Actions (Bantam, £9.98).

Watch Peter talk here:

Louder Than Words - Peter Collett at TEDxGoodenoughCollege 2013

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