Join our transformative #360me events

Four immersive and transformative events, covering the Mind, Body, Spirit and Gut Health – each one a holistic ‘tool’ for your own powerful self-care kit

by Psychologies

Join us at our new #360me Series with COMO Shambhala Urban Escape and in association with Wellbeing Escapes.

Modern life places a huge amount of strain on us all. Long hours at work, polluted environments, unrelenting inboxes – days can feel like one long unrelenting juggle, leaving us depleted, overwhelmed, and less than healthy.

It is not enough to simply cope with what life throws at us – we all want to be able to thrive, enjoy and celebrate, while feeling strong, vital, radiant and deeply well, every single day.

The #360me Series aims to equip you with a back-up plan for busy life – a way to boost your wellbeing and resilience, reframe your outlook and invest in your own crucial self-care rituals.

Where: COMO Shambhala, London Metropolitan, Park Lane

All guests receive a luxury goody bag filled with wellness treats to take away.

Tickets are £40 each. Click here for tickets.

Part three: The GUT event on 13 September, with Eve Kalinik – a lively discussion about how to feed up your gut and boost your inner microbiome, for ultimate physical and emotional health. Bring your nutrition questions and tummy troubles, and we'll work through it all in a fun, educational and inspiring evening. 

Part four: The SPIRIT event on 15 November – an evening of deepest inner nourishment, to restore the tired spirit and flagging body. Come and lose yourself in a healing sound bath, and learn about the self-care rituals that can really transform your outlook on life. Celebrate your own inner wisdom, energise your cells, rest your mind and restore your spirit, to help you thrive in winter. 

Click here for tickets.

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