Join the #LightsUpUK campaign to spread joy across the country!

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, when people are looking for a light at the end of this dark tunnel, a longing for kindness to conquer fear and a wish for positivity to outshine the selfish acts that scaremongering can ignite, we bring you Christmas...

by Psychologies


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Written by Clare Percival, owner of Now it’s all about Me and ambassador for Psychologies magazine, and Suzanne Allison, owner of Suzanne Allison Social

Last night, my friend posted an article from housebeautiful.com about people putting up their Christmas lights to spread CHEER not FEAR amid the coronavirus outbreak, which I shared on the Psychologies Connected Community Facebook Group. It got us both thinking and after receiving lots of love and positivity from the group, we decided to take action.

This is not about Christmas, but about shining light in dark times and thanking the people whose help we need the most.

By simply using what we already have at home, let’s all dig out our decorations and light up. By joining in this way we can show our gratitude to ALL frontline workers, delivery drivers, community helpers, shelf stackers, shift workers, volunteers, emergency services and other superheroes who are putting their lives on the line to keep us safe.

Imagine driving back through the empty streets at night and seeing the lights up and feeling the love from everyone in the UK. We can’t clap on our balconies like Spain and Italy, so what’s the alternative? A spectacular display of Christmas lights, donning the streets as a way of expressing our nationwide gratitude.  

Both myself and Suzanne are small business owners and our joint admiration for the NHS stems from a place of personal experience. I was hospitalised after a severe bout of double pneumonia a few years ago and Suzanne’s life did a 360 last year when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Coronavirus is a real threat and we are both driven to champion this campaign from our neighbouring streets to spread the cheer not fear and offer our heartfelt appreciation.

As this invisible virus sweeps across the world, let’s make a visible difference. Please join our campaign #lightsupUK and decorate your front gardens or windows and light up at 8pm every evening, from now until this virus leaves our lives for good.

You can help us by putting your lights up, sharing your photos on social media and us the hashtag #lightsupUK.

When the world gets dark, we turn our lights up!