Inner peace retreat

Building on the success of the Stillness Retreat in 2017, NOW Live Events, in partnership with Psychologies and West Lexham, are delighted to host our Inner Peace Retreat

by Psychologies

During this retreat, we will be looking at the power of inner peace and see how finding stillness in your daily life influences the way you see the world. In addition to popular activities such as creativity, meditation and movement, we will also be delving into neuroscience, neuroplasticity and practical models for exploring the body and mind. The retreat includes three workshops a day, delicious local food and the unspoilt beauty of nature at West Lexham — the perfect setting to slow down and restore yourself.

The retreat will run from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon (23 – 25 February 2018).  The complete Inner Peace Retreat programme is available here.


There are all kinds of accommodation on offer at the beautiful West Lexham in Norfolk, from en-suite rooms in the main barn, to holiday cottages and treehouses. For specific information on accommodation, please click here to download a PDF.


All food is included. Healthy, fresh and delicious meals will be served three times a day, with a focus on the seasons and optimum nutrition for any type of diet.

The retreat includes:

  • At least 3 daily workshops, up to 2 hours each
  • Morning meditation sessions
  • Learning to meditate if this is new to you
  • Tai Chi and movement sessions
  • Creative sessions including writing and dance
  • Expanding your knowledge of neuroscience, neuroplasticity and models of mind/body
  • Coaching sessions (in small groups)
  • Fresh, nutritious and delicious food — all locally sourced and organic where possible
  • An opportunity to experience stillness in beautiful natural surroundings
  • Ample free time to rest or simply enjoy the breathtaking gardens at West Lexham
  • Comfortable and unique accommodation in a stunning setting

Meet our Stillness Experts:

Dr. Tamara Russell

Dr. Tamara Russell is a neuroscientist, author, clinical psychologist, martial arts expert and leading mindfulness trainer. She has helped people around the world to transform their lives using her groundbreaking mindfulness techniques. Tamara works as a teacher, academic, clinician and consultant – teaching groups and individuals in the public and private sector from arts organizations and NHS trusts to professional athletes, lawyers, parents and students. Tamara is also involved in international research investigating how mindfulness changes the structure of the brain. She lectures in neuroscience and mindfulness at Kings College London, has been in dialogue with his Holiness the Dalai Lama, and speaks regularly on mindfulness around the globe, appearing both on stage and radio. Tamara is an expert in helping to find ways to be mindful in everything we do – using pioneering skils to help easily integrate mindfulness into a busy lifestyle. Her book, ‘Mindfulness in Motion’, is a guide to how to integrate mindfulness into every movement and every moment of your life.

Suzy Greaves

As well as being editor of Psychologies magazine, Suzy is also a life coach, author and business owner. Hailed as ‘the top ten guru to change your life around’ by the Daily Mail, Suzy has written best-selling Making The Big Leap, named as one of the top ten life changing books of the year by The Independent on Sunday. Her second book The Big Peace, published by Hay House, was named as ‘the ultimate guide to true contentment’.  Suzy is an ambassador of the present moment, which she sees as a gift – “so often we say…I’ll be happy when…I lose weight, find the right partner, change job…but if you embrace the moment – the ‘present’ can be the gift. Happiness can be learned, its a mindset”. Suzy will help us to explore how we can give attention to space and quiet in a hyper-busy world, using her coaching expertise to facilitate this.

Chris Connors

Chris Connors is a Meditation Teacher, Coach, Creative Director and Motivational Speaker. He is the founder of Modcon, a curated platform exploring the mindful, innovative, inspirational and graceful. Chris regularly teaches people about living in stillness, between the yin of mindfulness and the yang of change, creativity and innovation, and how this can enhance and transform your life. Chris uses coaching and his mentorship programmes to help people improve the quality of their lives as well as techniques from his InStill programme which guide us to trust our own innate wisdom. The approach lies in balancing our inner journey with a more dynamic, purposeful connection to the outer world. Chris is passionate to inspire people towards their ability to improve their lives – and ignite passion and purpose through entering a state of stillness.

What to expect

Expect a warm welcome, expect to meet like-minded people to connect with. Expect to move, play, love, learn, meditate, walk, feast, celebrate, stretch, bounce, rest, sleep, reflect, refresh, commune. Expect to enjoy yourself enormously and leave with a new direction and new friends.


The cost of the retreat will vary depending on the type of accommodation you opt for (please note this is open to adults only and subject to a booking fee). Find out more about staying in a treehouse or cottage or an ensuite bedroom. Booking early guarantees a place. Prices start at £395 per person for shared accommodation (early bird price — subject to availability). There are single occupancy options available in bedrooms starting at £779 per person (early bird price — subject to availability).

Day tickets

To enjoy our retreat over a smaller time frame, you can join us on Saturday 24th February for a full day of workshops and meals. The day tickets include access to the whole grounds for relaxation and rest.

Click here to find out more and buy tickets.

Photograph: iStock

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