Inject more happiness into your life

We believe you have the power to make yourself and those around you happier. So, join us and Action for Happiness as we empower ourselves to create more happiness in our lives

by Psychologies

create your own happiness club with psychologies

We’re inviting you to join forces with your friends to create your own Happiness Book Club. The vision is to create more happiness in the world by redressing the way we approach our lives; and we’ll be having plenty of fun along the way too.

We’ll provide entertaining ‘happy experiments’ for you to take part in each month, and will be here to give you inspiration, practical ideas and advice to enable you to take action in all areas of life – at home, at work or in the community.

To join us, simply sign up here.You’ll then start receiving email updates to help your club to flourish.

Once you’ve signed up, please ask the members of your Happiness Club to click on the link below to register too: Members registration

Photograph: Corbis

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