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Feeling blue this Monday? Check out some easy ways to feel more cheerful…

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With so-called ‘Blue Monday’ now upon us, a study carried out by Waitrose.com has revealed that we are less likely to choose ‘healthier’ choices in a bid for happiness instead turning to the ‘carbohydrate camp’ including steak and chips, cakes and pasta. And a whopping 33 per cent of respondents will turn to chocolate to cheer themselves up. 

However, the poll also revealed that pop music was the most popular genre chosen to lift someone’s mood (27 per cent), with rock taking second position (16 per cent) and classical tunes coming in third (8 per cent). Jazz was the least favoured with a tiny 2 per cent choosing it.

The poll also discovered that cooking makes 60 per cent of the participants feel happy, while those feeling most joyous in the kitchen reside in the south east of England (68 per cent).

‘You don’t have to reach for a chocolate bar this Blue Monday. With so many nutrients contributing to a healthy diet, variety really is the spice of life,’ says Waitrose nutritionist, Nicola Selwood. ‘My top nutrients this January are omega 3, B vitamins, magnesium and vitamin C, so ensure your diet is rich in these by eating a wide variety of foods including fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, oily fish and eggs.’

Using the research, Waitrose.com has created the Waitrose Health Hub with a selection of healthy and colourful recipes packed with a variety of different nutrients to help you feel good about yourself.

There is a wealth of scientific research to back up the poll's findings, so we reckon get your favourite tunes on this evening and cook up a storm in the kitchen…

Top five most frequently listened-to music genres to in an effort to lift mood from the Censuswide study for Waitrose:

1. Pop: 28 per cent

2. Rock: 16 per cent

3. Classical: 8 per cent

4. R&B: 6 per cent

5. Country: 5 per cent

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