Events to help you thrive this winter

Suzy Walker, Psychologies Editor, will be helping you write your Winter blues away at the ‘Wild Winter Wellness’ event. Join us!

by Suzy Walker

Coal Drops Yard is hosting a ‘Wild Winter Wellness’ – a month long series of events curated by BeBox, designed to help you stay well and mindful this winter. Studies show that at this time of year (often considered the most mentally and emotionally challenging time of year) we need more daylight and outdoor time as well as good human connection time to keep mental and physical stressors from our system.

Wild Winter Wellness contains gatherings, talks and breakthrough physical challenges to transform our physical, mental and emotional quality of life.

Suzy Walker, our editor, will be facilitating a workshop on 31st January to discover how writing can become one of our greatest supports in the depths of the winter period. And investigating how the process can be as enlightening as it is creative.  

'Often in the busyness of life, we can become disconnected to what brings us joy, what lights up, what triggers us into negative spirals which keep us stuck. Journaling is a brilliant way to start re-connecting with our inner world. It’s basically a conversation with ourselves, where we can start observing our inner dialogue – and ask – does this serve me or does this bring me down?' says Walker.

Try this exercise

For 10 minutes every day, write in your journal a stream of consciousness ‘vomit’ on to the page. Don’t edit yourself, don’t let the pen leave the page, just write whatever falls out of your head.

Use these prompts:

  • I love it when...
  • I’m most grateful for...
  • I struggled this week with...
  • The thoughts that make me feel good are...
  • What challenge did I overcome this week...
  • What worked well and why...

Don’t read the journal back, just do this every day and start to notice what changes happen.

For the full event listing, go direct to the booking page here.

All tickets sold for the festival include a donation to support the wonderful and essential work of mental health charity Mind In Camden.

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