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It’s the first Sunday after Easter, the 23 of April 2017, St George’s Day, writes Psychologies' agony aunt Mary Fenwick

by Psychologies

Instead of being part of the crowd cheering the London Marathon you find yourself in a big beautiful room filled with light, on the South Bank.

The flyer was called Bold Moves, and the workshop is at Rambert, Britain’s oldest dance company, but somehow you didn’t expect the floor to ceiling mirrors, or having to actually, you know, move.                                                                                               

I’ve got a confession – I am the weakest link when it comes to dance, and I’m a co-creator of the workshop.

I might use the metaphor of life being a dance, rather than a fight, but given the opportunity I’m more likely to choose flight. This counts as a bold move for me. You are definitely going to see me outside my comfort zone.

This is a three-way partnership:

  • Rambert wants to bring dance into more lives because it brings joy, and might even make you smarter
  • Tania Diggory supports creative entrepreneurs, she’s run her own successful events business, and grew up with dance in her Jordanian family background.
  • Then there’s me. I’m on a mission to see more women in public and political life. By definition, it’s a bold move for any woman to stand up and be counted.

The day is a series of taster sessions, based around all three of these perspectives: confidence, creativity and a bit of dance.

My bit is the confidence: 

It’s the single biggest issue which my coaching clients bring to our sessions. It lies behind phrases like 'I’m not qualified' (there’s a difference between competence and confidence), a fear of being criticised for what you look like (I call it the Daily Mail factor) or the feeling that you’re about to be exposed as a fraud.

I’m interested in evidence-based actions, which are simple to apply in every day life. Both of those aspects are important - things which work, and feel easy – otherwise 'be more confident' is just another item on that endless to-do list. In coaching, we explore questions like:

What does it feel like when things are going well?

What gives you energy, and what drains you?

What if you had the tools to find hope, even when change is hard?

What are the conditions which enable your best work?

My bit of the Bold Moves workshop will concentrate on that second question, which feeds all the others. Where do your natural strengths lie? What might you be doing, which you appear to be good at, but actually leaves you feeling exhausted and depleted? How do you re-charge?

On a day when more than 38,000 people are pushing themselves in one of the world’s most iconic sporting events, I’m going to pull on my leggings and learn something new.

What’s your bold move that day?

To find out more head to www.thisiscalmer.com/boldmoves.

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