We're booking our tickets to…

...the first festivals of the summer. From the world's largest philosophy festival, to a fantastic wellbeing event and a very popular literary festival you may well have heard of… Find out more here.

by Psychologies

…the first festivals of the summer. We’ll be heading to How The Light Gets In, the world's largest philosophy festival, packed with thought-provoking debates, comedy and music and the London Wellbeing festival in London, featuring mind and body at its core, with workshops and live experiences presented by some of the world’s greatest thought leaders and teachers. Plus we wouldn’t miss the Hay Festival of literature and arts, with Judi Dench discussing Shakespeare, poetry by Gillian Clarke and Carol Ann Duffy and music to make you get up and dance from one of the world’s greatest horn players, Hugh Masekela.

All three festivals occur between 22 May to 1 June. For more information, visit howthelightgetsin.iai.tv, mindbodyspirit.co.uk and hayfestival.com -