WEEKENDER: Art, science and a cathedral

by Susanna Lazarus

Brain donation – it's a topic that’s largely kept under wraps in the media, with little time dedicated to exploring its values and ethics. Mind Over Matter, an exhibition ending this weekend at Shoreditch Town Hall, aims to demystify organ donation by revealing the identifies of 12 brain donors – aged from 84 to over 100 – in a celebration of their lives. Photos, projections and sound narratives are presented alongside scientific artefacts and medical imagery to investigate memory loss and explore the journey the brains will undergo after the donors’ deaths. For anyone interested in the ethics of organ donation and its contribution to medical science we highly recommended this exhibition.

The North East also promises a feast of culture this weekend with the Turner Prize exhibition, featuring the four finalists, kicking off at the Baltic Art Gallery in Gateshead from Friday, 21, October. As a result a wave of ‘Turnermania’ has swept through the area – children can enter a special competition, designing posters for the event, and a local primary school has even hosted a Turner Prize Café, voting for their own winner (with results also a well-kept secret.)

And if you’ve already been drawn to Newcastle then why not visit nearby Durham Cathedral, recently voted by Guardian readers as Britain’s best building for its impressive Norman architecture and stunning location. A UNESCO world heritage site and free of charge to look around, the cathedral and its cloisters provide an overwhelming sense of history, ancient and modern art and attracts many tourists for its part in the Harry Potter franchise.

By Susanna Lazarus

Image: Mind over Matter exhibition