Mood Boost: Spontaneous yoga

by Amber Phillips

Participating in unusual acts in public places might be out of character for some of us. But recently, everywhere from Los Angeles and Washington to Venice and Berlin, and now London, have been encouraging Yoga Flash Mobs. In an aim to create awareness of yoga on a global scale, large groups of people gather ‘spontaneously’ in a public place, perform a yoga move and then quickly disperse.

Evolve Wellness Centre has partnered with yoga studios to host the flash mob event tomorrow (Tuesday 13, September) at St Paul’s Cathedral starting at precisely 6.23pm - and it’s free.

The organisers recommend that people arrive at 6.20pm and ‘hang around minding your own business’ until 6.23pm, when the leader will go through the Sun Salutation series once on their own. After this, the mob can join in.

Register on Facebook or just simply turn up.