GOOD NEWS: The Goodwill Exchange

By Annie Vischer

Whether we pop a few coins in the charity jar, text a donation when prompted by moving adverts, or even run a sponsored marathon, most of us give to charity every now and then. But it's little surprise that as the phrase ‘Double Dip’ takes the headlines by storm, charity donations are dwindling.

That's why The Goodwill Exchange has come up with the idea of asking people to donate their time instead of their money. Professionals such as lawyers, doctors and business leaders lend their time and skills to smaller charities that are increasingly being affected by lack of funding. Whether you have stepped out of a job to raise your children, have retired and are itching to exercise your professional abilities once more, or can just find a few spare hours at the weekend, the Goodwill Exchange is the perfect opportunity to support charities in need of professional guidance (and also to cash in on that feel good factor).

To find out more about volunteering for the Goodwill Exchange click here.

By Annie Vischer