Film Fix: The Polar Express

by Libby Caudwell

Film Fix - The Polar Express

Best for: Getting into the Christmas spirit

The Polar Express is the story of a young boy who is losing his faith in Santa Claus and setting childish things aside forever. On Christmas Eve, at five minutes to midnight, he boards the Polar Express, a steam train bound for the North Pole, and embarks upon an adventure of self-discovery that teaches him that magic is never lost and life is always beautiful for those who believe.

Tom Hanks is wonderful as the god-like train conductor who supervises his young passengers and doles out such life lessons as: 'The true meaning of Christmas is in your heart.' Sound schmaltzy? Well it’s not. The scenery is gorgeous, the action sequences breathtaking and a whisper of dark melancholy ensures the film is sweet but never sickly.

I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but for those who have seen it - those final few lines about the silencing of the bells? I defy any grown person not to shiver with Christmas feeling and wish, just for a second, that they were young and brave and that the bell still rang for them.

by Libby Caudwell