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We are delighted that the Be You campaign are sponsoring, equipping and training 100 Psychologies readers to be ‘empowerment champions’ helping you to become more self aware, focus on what you are good at, so you can help others to do the same

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‘Does the way you look you determine how you feel?  Do you spend your life comparing yourself against other people and judging yourself? Yes? Then you’re looking in the wrong mirror,’ says Will Murray, co-founder of the Be You campaign. ‘Self-empowerment stops you looking in the wrong mirror. It stops you worrying what other people think and helps you recognise and value the real you. Outward appearances and opinions don’t define who you are. Strength and beauty are an inside job.’

Will and Annalese Murray have created the Be You campaign encouraging women to empower and equip themselves and others by becoming more aware of their strengths, using the Be You Self-Empowerment Pack to spark insightful conversations about inner strengths and how you can best use them in the world.

Their goal is to empower 1 million women by 2020 – and Psychologies is going to help them!

‘At Psychologies, we believe that we don’t need to do it alone – together we are stronger. We believe in women championing other women,’ says Suzy Greaves, editor.

‘We are proud to be involved with the Be You campaign – which creates a practical way for us to empower ourselves so we can empower others. How do we do that? By becoming more self aware, focusing on what we are good at, by figuring out our strengths so we can help others to do the same and so we can all become more powerful in our own lives.’

We are delighted that the Be You Campaign are sponsoring, equipping and training 100 of Psychologies readers to be ‘empowerment champions’. Do you want to feel empowered? Do you want to help others to feel empowered? Do you want to become one of the first ever Psychologies empowerment champions?

Yes? Then apply now by sending an email or video application with EMPOWERMENT in the subject line to [email protected] answering the following:

  • Why do you want to feel more empowered?
  • If you were a Psychologies empowerment champion – which key group would they wish to support and why?
  • Would you be willing to keep and share an iPhone-type video diary and blog to share with Psychologies tribe?
  • Are you willing to attend Be You training events and hold your own regular empowerment groups?

Be You Self-Empowerment Packs: The more you play the better you understand yourself and other people and the more empowered you will be. For more information go to beu.club

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