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Join our all new Psychologies Life Leap Club – an exclusive online ‘coaching club’, free to all our subscribers, where you’ll be supported and inspired by the world's top coaches, experts, and psychologists to help you create the life you really want

I’m Ali, Online editor of Psychologies and I am so happy to share this exciting news. We've launched an online coaching club exclusive to our subscribers, and we'd like to invite you to join us.

Psychologies Life Leap

All you have to do is subscribe.

Stop procrastinating, start taking action.

Do you:

  • Want to change your life but always procrastinate?
  • Consistently set goals that you never reach?
  • Indulge in negative habits – drinking too much wine, eating junk, never exercising?
  • Always take on too much and never achieve what you want to achieve.
  • Consistently break promises to yourself.
  • Wake up every morning and think ‘there has to be another way’.

Do you want to:
  • Set achievable goals and make them happen.
  • Set yourself up to succeed versus fail.
  • Build healthy inspiration versus desperation.
  • Think differently, not just do something different.
  • Be the creator of your life, not the victim of it.
  • Create habits that feed your energy, not drain it.

Join the Life Leap Club:

With your monthly magazine subscription, not only do you get our fabulous magazine but a whole new level of support going forward with:

  • Live coaching videos from the top experts
  • Practical downloadable coaching worksheets
  • Access to the incredible Psychologies subscriber community.

You may want to change your job, or you may want to re-invent yourself or perhaps you want to re-invent the way you’re living your life, or create a new business or BIG change in your life. One of our tag lines at Psychologies – is ‘your life, your way’. It’s about defining what success means to you on your own terms; living a life that makes you happy and makes you feel fulfilled. That's why we've created our new Life Leap coaching club exclusively for all our subscribers. Each month you'll get access to a coaching programme which sits alongside the dossier in the magazine, to give you extra resources such as workbooks and coaching videos to help you make real change in your life. Interested? All you have to do is subscribe here.

Get the professional support you need 

At Psychologies we believe with a little help, support and inspiration, it’s far easier to make those changes. In our new Life Leap coaching club, we have world-class experts who are going to be working with you over the next year – we’ve got everyone from Gabriel Bernstein, who Oprah calls a ‘new thought leader’ to Shaa Wasmund, MBE, best-selling author and award-winning entrepreneur coming to help and support us to move forward with inspirational live masterclasses.

Plus every month, there will be:

  • Interactive coaching videos
  • Practical downloadable workbooks and journaling prompts
  • An exclusive podcast
  • Monthly check-ins with Suzy Greaves, Psychologies editor and her team of top coaches in the UK
  • Plus an exclusive Facebook community forum where members can chat, interact and get support

To sign up and start getting coached today, simply join by subscribing to the magazine. 

You are not alone.

And of course, I’ll be here – not only am I the editor of Psychologies, but I’ve also been a coach for the last 18 years so I’ll be coaching you every month and also inviting the top coaches in the country to come and coach you too – on navigating these life leaps. And, we’ll also have each other. We’re just starting to build our Life Leap Community – we’ve put the call out for ambassadors – who are already in the process of making their own life leaps and we’ve been inundated by brave women who are already making big changes, so we’ll be in great company.

Be brave, make the leap

At the heart of the Life Leap Club is courage. To make any changes in your life, you need to brave – but that can be incredibly scary. So it will be great to be able to lean on each other when the going gets tough and work together on our mindsets. Because as we know, sometimes change does not always feel positive -  if you're made redundant, or your relationship breaks down, or we lose someone we love, it can feel awful. However, although we might not have the ability to change what’s happening out there, we do have the power to change the way we see it – or react to it – and that’s something we always have control over. So we will be working a lot on our mindset here, in order to make anything feel possible.

In the Life Leap Club we’ll be mostly encouraging each other to be brave, to be honest about what’s going on. It's is not about being mindlessly positive - it's about being real and being kind to yourself and each other as we take a really deep breath and begin our journey towards creating a life that we truly love. The best thing is it’s free as part of your subscription to Psychologies, so not only will you get our beautiful magazine but you also get free access to the exclusive coaching within the Life Leap Club. 

In 2018 we are truly setting ourselves up for a brave, bold and brilliant year. 

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