Join our campaign for Positive Beauty

Join our campaign for Positive Beauty

The ability to make ourselves look and feel attractive is one of the joys of womanhood. But it can also feel like a pressure. Along with 10 international editions across the world, we launched the Positive Beauty Manifesto, a statement of 10 things we believe about beauty that will help us all build a better, more loving relationship with ourselves.

1. Beauty is the celebration of what is unique about each one of us

2. Taking the time to care for ourselves boosts our self-confidence

3. Beauty and femininity are complex, and should not follow a simplistic set of rules or universal conventions

4. Beauty should celebrate intelligent, individual and confident role models

5. Being bombarded by unattainably perfect beauty ideals can damage that confidence

6. True beauty radiates who we truly are, including all our imperfections

7. Feeling beautiful is more important than looking beautiful

8. A woman can play with her image, make-up and clothes without being superficial

9. Neither neglecting your appearance nor obsessing about it are healthy signs for women

10. We can be beautiful without being young, overtly sexy or thin

We’re thrilled that over 50 leading women in beauty, film, the arts, TV and politics are supporting the manifesto; these include everyone from Susan Sarandon, Brooke Sheilds and Gillian Anderson to Mary Portas, Miranda Hart and MP Lynne Featherstone. You can see the full list here.

And we want to hear from our readers too. Showing your support for the manifesto, which you can see in full below, is simple:

• Comment at the bottom

• Like it on Facebook

• Tweet us @PsychologiesMag

• Email

Plus, we’d like to hear the things you do to make yourself feel better: each week this month we’ll publish some of the most inspiring lines on

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